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Dear Customers,

we removed sold items from this blog. but we'll reupload the items if we have them restocked. happy shopping :)

October 18, 2010

Coming Soon

Hallo Everyone, Thanks allot for your support. Really Happy to have you by our side. So, we all akan bring new stock which is KAwaii with low price as usuall. Hope U all will like it.. The new stock will coming soon.. ^_^


hullo all! thanks for visiting. Thanks alot for your support. we are so happy to share with you guys these cardis. tapi a bit sedih sebab due to lighting warna-warna baju tak keluar seperti yang sebenar. tapi serius tak tipu warna sebenar sangat cantik. rugi korang tak beli. ^^ you guys better hurry and grab one. happy shopping everyone!

Item Code : KBNB1C
Color : Pink
Size : Free size
Cardi Length : 24 inches
Sleeve Length : 23 inches
Shoulder width - 16 inches

(ukur lilit)
bust / dada : 32 inches
waist / pinggang : 30 inches
hip / pinggul : 34 inches

Material : Cotton
Price : RM20
Status : SOLD


Anonymous said...

kbcl1 e cotton ker knit?
jalur2 dia mcm knit jer?
saiz xl boleh pakai ke?

KanchingBaju said...

cotton. tp stretchable cotton. boleh tapi tak boleh pakai butang la kot. hehe. cuba compare saiz dengan ukuran baju yg kami letak. ukuran yg kami letak ni betul2 ukuran baju, meaning tak stretchkan la. ^^